Maintain Your Car Battery To Extend Its Lifespan

The battery in your vehicle is the heart of its electrical system. With a constant strain on it being drained and recharged on a daily basis, you will find that it will have the heaviest wear and tear in that system and will be the thing that you end up having to replace most often.

If you are noticing that your vehicle is struggling to start then that could be a sign that your battery is starting to fail. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to maintain it and extend its lifespan some.

Start by using a wire brush to clean the posts and cables. This is an area that can get a corrosive build up accumulated and that will affect its performance. You can also check the battery's electrolyte level and add water to the fill holes if necessary. Finally, check the battery's condition and charge using a hydrometer.

If you are still having issues with your battery then it may be time to bring it into our service center here at Royal Hyundai of Oneonta in Oneonta, NY and have it replaced.

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