Factors that Cause an Engine to Overheat

You've likely seen hoods popped up on cars on the side of the road. Steam comes out from the radiator. The vehicle overheated. To avoid this problem occurring with your car, you should learn why cars overheat.

Coolant leaks contribute to the lowered levels of anti-freeze. Leaks can be caused by a number of different things. A loose hose would be one. A hole in the radiator might cause the same problem. Corrosion also leads to leaks in the radiator. Check your coolant levels to determine if a leak occurs.

Various parts of the coolant system can fail. Once the thermostat or fan goes, the car isn't going to keep its temperature down. Eventually, it will overheat leading to major problems. Parts don't last forever. They'll need replacing at some point.

You don't want your car becoming disabled in Oneonta or elsewhere. To avoid any problems with overheating, bring your car to our service center at Royal Hyundai of Oneonta for an inspection, coolant exchange, parts replacements, and more.

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